Latest power products at APEC 2008

The Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) 2008 kicked off in Austin, Texas this week featuring the latest developments in power electronics.

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Step-down converters improve power efficiency

Keypad-controlled switching power supplies provide precise programming

Single-chip inverters improve energy efficiency in brushless motor apps

Infineon launches 900-V Superjunction MOSFET line

ac-dc reference design exceeds ENERGY STAR specs

Power controller features dynamic phase dropping

Synchronous rectification module increases efficiency in power supplies

Micrel expands high power density line

Jazz Semi improves advanced high-voltage BCD power platform

MOSFETs advance notebook supplies

Highly integrated power management IC maximizes battery run-time

2-W dc/dc converter delivers 89% efficiency

Real-time power monitoring IC minimizes dynamic errors

16-watt ac/dc adapter reference design targets xDSL modems

Micropower precision amplifiers deliver ultra-low-power consumption for portables

MOSFETs deliver fast switching speeds, high power efficiency in small package

Digital controller chip speeds intelligent supply design

Infineon enhances power semiconductor portfolio

Closed-loop Class-D power amp delivers improved sound, PSRR

Power semis, DC/DC chip tout benchmarks at APEC

200-watt reference design for game consoles meets Green specs

Molex to showcase EXTreme power products at APEC

Switching module improves efficiency, saves space

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