Latest RF/microwave products at MTT-S

The IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium 2008 (IMS2008) kicked off in Atlanta, Georgia this week featuring the latest developments in RF/microwave components and test products.

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High-voltage HBT devices integrate two stages in single package

RF power transistors deliver high peak power in 700-MHz band

RF power transistors offered in copper-based, open-cavity plastic packages

RF SPDT switch delivers high linearity, ultra-fast settling time

Dual-SP4T RF switch delivers eight symmetric RF ports

Spread-spectrum oscillator delivers XO stability, limits EMI

High-stability OCXO housed in small package

VCXOs deliver ultra-low jitter, tight stability

VCXO operates up to 200 deg C

Handheld real-time spectrum analyzers show live RF

1.8-V low noise amplifier offers dual modes for mobile TVs

Fully-integrated WiFi FEM is optimized for data-intensive MIMO apps

Keithley upgrades RF development tool with object-oriented GUI

Direct conversion receiver solution reduces component count by 60 percent

FBAR quintplexer targets single, dual antenna apps

Keithley adds WiMAX testing capability to RF test instruments

Aeroflex adds 3-GHz digital RF signal generator to its RF test platform

RF inductor is QPL-qualified per MIL-PRF-83446

Skyworks announces low-power portfolio

RF power detection ICs raises performance bar for cell phones, wireless basestations

Analog Devices targets 900MHz with new front end

RF power transistors reduce weight, size, cost in avionics, radar apps

NI GPS Toolkit for LabVIEW delivers GPS receiver testing

Freescale launches RF devices for radar

Tiny RF amplifier leverages chip-scale packaging technology

Portable radio tester delivers one-button operation

Attenuation control units target WiMAX, WLAN device testing

ATE signal generators target production environments

Countdown to MTT-S: Product Preview

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