LCD driver offers wide voltage supply range

Colorado Springs, Colo.—EM Microelectronic, Swatch Group's semiconductor company, has introduced the EM6111, a low multiplex controller and driver for monochrome TN and STN LCD displays.

The EM6111 is the second in EM Microelectronic's family of segment LCD drivers. It is a simplified version of the EM6110. For a data sheet and other documentation on the EM6110, click here.

The EM6111 can be operated on the same wide supply voltage levels, ranging from 1.8V in static mode to 5.5V. And it is packaged in a small MLF16 that measures 4-mm x 4-mm. It doesn't require external components.

The EM6111 has a driving capability of 1 or 2 rows x 7 columns, with a display refresh implemented internally. The RAM data corresponds directly to the LCD pixels (segments); a set bit in the RAM results in an activated LCD pixel. All segments can be individually turned on or off by SET or BLANK bit commands, respectively. A 2 wire serial mode interface is used to control the circuit for initialization, memory programming and circuit status readout.

Depending on the amount of segments to be controlled, the EM6111 will be operated either in static or in multiplexed mode. The wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and low power consumption makes this component suitable for small devices for indoor as well as outdoor purposes.

With its very small package and its energy efficiency, the EM6111 is suitable for portable and battery operated products. The controller is especially well-suited for applications having to display very simple information or to indicate status information such as in headset applications, LCD battery indicators and industrial measuring instruments, including balances and scales and utility meters.

Pricing: $.56 each in quantities of 100K pieces.
Availability: From EM Microelectronic and its authorized distributors.

Data Sheet: click here.

EM Microelectronic, 41(0)32 755-5111,

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