LCOS driver chip for mobile projectors

SAN JOSE — Aurora Systems introduced a new integrated LCOS driver ASIC designed for mobile projection applications.

The new driver chip, designated the ASI9100, has been designed specifically for optical engines embedded in internet enabled mobile products where low power and compact form factor are essential.

As in all of Aurora's LCOS products, the liquid crystal is driven with an all digital drive technology and this has been further refined in the ASI9100, the company says. The ASI9100 can drive Aurora's 0.177″ VGA imager and Aurora's 0.365″ SVGA/WVGA imager. Low power consumption in the ASI9100 is achieved through the use of embedded memory and features a full complement of integrated video functions.

The new chip will be available in a conventional 8mm x 13mm BGA package or in the form of solder bumped die suitable for flip-chip assembly. When used in conjunction with Aurora's ASI1000 series 0.177″ VGA panel, the flip chip version can realize an LCOS panel + driver package with a form factor only 6mm in height.

“Aurora's Engineering team worked hard to develop proprietary technologies to minimize power and shrink the device into a small form factor while still retaining a host of integrated video functions that reflect our high definition legacy. This driver ASIC complements our low profile imagers and enables our customers to achieve very low profile optical systems that are ideal for embedding in super-slim cell phones, smart phones, PDA's and other mobile applications,” said Jeffrey Saake, President and CEO of Aurora Systems. “The ASI9100 driver chip is the next step in Aurora's strategy of enabling products with mobile projection capabilities.” Mr. Saake went on to say,

“As internet access via mobile devices becomes ubiquitous, teens and business people will want to share video content as well as seek solutions for a more enjoyable viewing experience. I believe there will be an explosion in demand for mobile products with an embedded projection capability.”

Aurora says they will sample the ASI9100 driver chip in early Q2 '09 to selected customers.

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