LDO delivers 1.5 amps for next-generation processors

Chandler, Ariz.&#8212Microchip Technology's MCP1827 and MCP1827S low-dropout (LDO) regulators deliver up to 1.5 amps for embedded processors/controllers and next-generation logic cores for computer, industrial and power-supply applications.

“Today's newer, smaller geometry-based processors require higher output currents and lower core voltages than the previous generation of processors,” said Keith Pazul, senior product marketing manager for the Analog and Interface Products Division. “These newer, more powerful processors must also operate in less space, and therefore require small, thermally efficient embedded components with superior power dissipation…the MCP1827 and MCP1827S LDOs meet these requirements.”

The LDOs, with a typical dropout of just 330 mV, provide 0.8 to 5 volts from a 2.3- to 6-volt input. The MCP1827 includes power-good and shutdown functions, and is available in fixed or adjustable output-voltage versions. The 3-pin MCP1827S is a more cost-effective alternative for those applications that do not require power-good and shutdown.

These LDOs feature a quiescent current of 120 microamperes, and they are ceramic output-capacitor stable to help reduce design costs and overall real-estate requirements.

Click here to access the product datasheet. Click here for product samples, and, here for volume orders. The MCP1827, in 5-pin DDPAK and TO-220 packages, are $1.09 each for the fixed-output-voltage version and $1.17 each for the adjustable version, both in 10,000-unit quantities. The MCP1827S LDO, in 3-pin DDPAK and TO-220 packages, are priced at $1 each.

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