LDO delivers 500 mA current rating in thin SOT-23 package

Santa Clara, Calif. — Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc. has launched the first device in its new line of low dropout (LDO) regulators. The CAT6219 is one of only a few devices available that provides a 500 mA peak output current in a five-lead, 1-mm profile thin SOT-23 package.

An alternative to Micrel's MIC5219 and MIC5319 LDO regulators, the CAT6219 offers a lower quiescent current of 55 μA combined with a low typical dropout voltage of 300 mV at a 500 mA load. In addition, an external 10 nF bypass capacitor reduces overall output noise making the device suitable for low noise applications.

Although many LDOs incorporating a bypass capacitor pay the penalty of a slow “start up”, the CAT6219 is designed with a “quick start” feature, which ensures a fast turn-on time of less than 150 μs and further optimizes the CAT6219 for low-power applications, said the company.

The CAT6219 is designed to eliminate battery drain when not in use by entering a “zero” current shut-down mode. The device also offers protection against short-circuit and thermal overload fault conditions.

Pricing: $0.28 each in quantities of 10,000.
Availability: Samples are available now. Projected lead time for production quantities is six to eight weeks ARO.
Product information: CAT6219

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