LDO delivers high power density, ultra-low noise

Milpitas, Calif. — Linear Technology Corporation has introduced the LT1965, a low noise, low voltage 1.1-A low dropout regulator (LDO) with high power density. The LT1965 features a low dropout voltage of 300 mV at full load, with wide VIN capability of 1.8 V to 20 V, and a low adjustable output from 1.2 V to 19.5 V.

The LT1965 also delivers an ultra-low output noise of only 40 uVrms , which reduces noise in instrumentation, RF, DSP and logic supply systems and suits post-regulating switching power supplies. Output tolerance is tightly regulated to within ±3% over line, load and temperature. The device's low quiescent current of 500 uA (operating) and less than 1 uA (shutdown) make it a good fit for applications requiring high output drive capability with low current consumption.

For applications requiring large input-to-output differentials, the LT1965 offers compact and thermally efficient DFN and MSOPE packages. More traditional packages such as DD-Pak and TO-200 power packages are also available. Internal protection circuitry includes reverse-battery protection, no reverse current, current limiting with foldback, and thermal limiting.

Pricing and availability: The LT1965EDD in the low-profile (0.75 mm) 8-lead DFN (3 x 3mm) package, the LT1965EMS8E in the 8-lead MSOP package, the LT1965EQ in the surface-mount DD-Pak power package, and the LT1965ET in the TO-220 power package all are available from stock, and 1,000-piece pricing starts at $1.88, $1.94, $2.20 and $2.20 each, respectively. The I grade versions are priced at $2.16, $2.23, $2.53 and $2.53 each, respectively.
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