LDO extends battery run-time in portable devices

Dallas, Tex. — Diodes Inc. has launched a 300-mA fast transient response LDO with a low quiescent current and adjustable regulation down to 1.0 V, which makes it suitable for portable and low-power applications such as mobile phones, digital media players, Bluetooth headsets and handheld GPS.

Designed for simple integration into a wide variety of low-power circuits, the AP133 can deliver up to 300 mA from a 2-V to 6-V input range and provides the faster transient response required by high-speed logic, DSPs, and microcontrollers, while still requiring only a standard 1uF ceramic output capacitor. The LDO can power the latest fast-clock low-voltage core ICs currently used in many low-power portable applications.

With a low quiescent current of 40 microamperes (uA), which is about half of what is typical for a similar device, the AP133 requires only a small amount of current to maintain regulation from 0-mA load to full load, thereby significantly extending battery run-time, said the company. In addition, the AP133 only exhibits an output voltage sag during fast load transients of less than one-third that of its closest competitors, according to the company.

Providing an adjustable output voltage from 5 V down to 1.0 V, approximately 20% lower than comparable devices, the AP133 also features circuit-protection capabilities such as over-current protection, short-circuit protection, and thermal shutdown. It also offers a highly accurate output-voltage regulation including ±2 percent accuracy. The ambient temperature range is -40°C to 85°C.

The AP133 is offered in the small SOT-25 package and in a 35% smaller package option, the micro 2 x 2-mm DFN2020-6 package, suitable for both industrial and portable applications.

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