LDO has shutdown and power-good pins, bond-wire compensation

Chandler, Ariz.&#8212Microchip says its 1.5-amp LDO is the industry's first with shutdown capability, a power-good output, programmable power-good delay, and bond-wire compensation. Suited for advanced CPUs and logic cores that require higher operating currents and lower core voltages, the chip provides an output down to 0.8 volt.

“Today's most advanced embedded processors require features such as shutdown, user-programmable power good, and fast, accurate output-voltage regulation to ensure system performance. The MCP1727 meets all of these demands, and enables customers to achieve maximum design goals with minimum financial investment,” said Qi Deng, senior product marketing engineer for the Analog and Interface Products Division.

The regulator's low dropout (300 mV) and low quiescent current (140 microamps typical) minimize power consumption. The chip's bond-wire compensation circuitry (with suitable output-voltage feedback detection) facilitates high regulation. The power-good output also provides designers with the flexibility to set the delay on power-up by up to 300 ms for synchronizing a system reset.

Click here for the device datasheet. The MCP1727, available in sampling (click here) and in volume production (click here), is priced at $1.26 each in 10k quantities for the 8-pin SOIC package, and $1.34 each in the DFN. An evaluation board (MCP1726EV), priced at $30, is available to speed designs.

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