LDO is automotive-qualified

Dallas&#8212Texas Instruments' new family of low-dropout (LDO) regulators, with an input voltage range of 45 volts, will survive the harsh requirements of the high-transient automotive environment for car stereo, instrument clusters, and telematics applications.

The TLE4275QKTTRQ1, TL750M05QKTTRQ1 and TL760M33QKTTRQ1 are the first devices from TI to provide a direct connection to a vehicle's battery and will withstand load-dump transient conditions, thus reducing the number of external components needed to protect the LDO.

Additional features include 3.3, 5.5, and 8-volt fixed-output versions, a maximum rated output current from 450 to 750 mA (depending on device), thermal-shutdown and over-voltage protection, and under-voltage reset functionality (TLE4275-Q1).

Click here for the TLE4275 datasheet. The
TLE4275QKTTRQ1, TL750M05QKTTRQ1 and TL760M33QKTTRQ1, in TO-263 (D2 PAK)
packages, are priced from 88 cents each in 1k quantities.

Texas Instruments , 1-800-477-8924,

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