LDO linear regulator offers quiescent current of 3µA

Milpitas, Calif. — Linear Technology developed the LT3009, a micropower low dropout voltage (LDO) linear regulator with low quiescent current of 3µA. The LT3009 features a low-dropout voltage of 280 mV and delivers up to 20 mA of output current, with a VIN capability of 1.6 V to 20 V and an adjustable output from 0.6 V to 19.5 V. Output tolerance is regulated to within ±2% over line, load and temperature. The device's low-quiescent and shutdown (< 1µA) currents make it suitable for applications requiring moderate output-drive capability coupled with low standby power consumption, including remote monitoring and low-current battery-powered memory for “keep alive” systems which require extended run times.

The LT3009 regulator uses stability and transient response with low-ESR, ceramic output capacitors as small as 1µF. These external capacitors can be used without any necessary series resistance, as is common with many other regulators. Internal protection circuitry includes reverse-battery protection, reverse output and reverse output-to-input protection, current-limiting, and thermal-limiting.

Availability: Now
Pricing: Begins at $0.95 each in 1,000-piece quantities
Data Sheet: LT3009 LDO

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