LDO regulator guarantees output current of 200mA

Unterpremstaetten, Austria—austriamicrosystems has launched the AS1369 (LDO) low-dropout regulator with a guaranteed 200mA output current for all space critical applications such as mobile phones and PDAs.

With an operating input voltage between 2V and 5.5V, the AS1369 is well-suited for dual or triple standard-cell and single Li-Ion cell battery powered applications and is available in a variety of pre-programmed output voltages from 1.2V to 5.0V. The output voltage is regulated with an accuracy of 0.7%, according to austriamicrosystems. With a low dropout voltage of 40mV@100mA , 80mV@200mA , a low quiescent current of 25µA during operation and a 5nA during shutdown, battery life time is maximized.

The AS1369 allows the use of a small 1µF ceramic output capacitor and features a PSRR performance of 80dB at 1kHz and 56dB at 100kHz. No external bypass capacitor is needed and, combined with its low noise performance of 30µVrms between 400Hz and 80kHz, the AS1369 is suitable for noise-sensitive wireless and RF applications

A digital enable input with a turn-on time of 30µs allows dynamic power management in a system. In addition, the AS1369 offers over-temperature and over-current protection. The 4-bump WL-CSP package with dimensions of 1mm² is nine times smaller than a standard SOT23 package, according to the company.

Pricing: $ 0.33 each in 1,000-unit quantities.
Availability: Now.
Datasheet: Click here.


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