LDO & Voltage Detector – dropout voltage of only 0.1V

Ricoh Europe BV announced the R5511x combining an LDO and a Voltage Detector in one package.

The product's 1-Ohm LDO Regulator has a very low dropout voltage of only 0.1V typical at Iout of 100mA and has excellent low noise features with a high Ripple Rejection ratio of typical 75dB at f=1kHz. The R5511x is a flexible product with a wide variety of options. The designer can select his preferred version for delay time, hysteresis, sense pin option for the voltage detector, output type and package type. The R5511x can be used in handheld equipment or in applications such as CD/DVD drives.

The series is designed for a customer demanding a low dropout voltage regulator and a reset IC in one package with a wide range of design options. Ricoh R5511x has an embedded delay timer selectable in four different versions (1ms, 20ms, 60ms or 240ms), leaving no need for external capacitors. In addition, the designer can select for a hysteresis voltage of 5% of the (-Vdet) threshold voltage or none.

Three packages vary from small to high Wattage. These packages are SON6 , SOT23-5 and SOT89-5 . The 6-pin package type, SON6 , has an external sense pin option allowing the designer to connect the sense pin according to his requirements to monitor a specific voltage level connected to the terminal. The output types available for the 6-pin package are N-Channel open drain or CMOS. As for the 5-pin package types SOT23-5 and SOT89-5 , the designer can choose from two different versions, LDO input or LDO output monitoring. Both are available with a N-Channel open drain output.

The R5511x has a maximum output current of 300mA and a fold-back current limit protection for enhanced safety features. Supply current for the LDO regulator is 50A and for the voltage detector 1.5A (LDO regulator disabled). Furthermore, it is recommended to use ceramic capacitors with a minimum value of 1.0F.

Ricoh Europe BV , 1180 AC Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

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