LDOs are in industry’s smallest package

Norwood, Mass.—Analog Devices says its ADP120 and ADP121 LDO regulators, optimized for mobile handsets and other battery-powered applications, are available in the industry's smallest wafer-level chip scale package (0.86-by-0.86 mm WLCSP), as well as in a standard 5-lead TSOT option.

“Low-power and low-noise operation are key design challenges for mobile device designers being tasked with adding new features and functions into power-sensitive consumer, industrial, and medical devices,” said Arcadio Leon, marketing director for portable power products. “The ADP120, ADP121 and ADP130 LDO trio delivers an optimized balance of low quiescent current and low noise to improve performance and extend battery life.”

The devices, part of a family of low-output (down to 1.2 volts) LDOs suited to powering noise-sensitive mixed-signal ICs with supply currents below 350 mA, draw just 11 to 24 microamps quiescent current (IQ ) and shutdown currents in the nanoamp range. All three devices (the ADP130 has a dual-supply architecture) are stable with just one small 1 microfarad ceramic output capacitor, thus further cutting board space requirements.

The ADP120 and ADP121 feature 60 dB PSR at 10 kHz and a “noise figure” of 40 microvolts rms (IQ = 11 microamps), and are thus suited to power RF and analog circuitry in portable applications. In addition, the ADP130 touts excellent low dropout performance when compared to single-supply devices. The ADP130 can be biased from a higher input supply, while the load current is sourced from a lower input supply to reduce overall power dissipation and enable low dropout operation.

The ADP120 and ADP121 LDOs dropout is just 60 mV for a load current of 100 mA. The ADP130's dropout is just 17 mV, and so it's suited for small geometry digital cores and processors used in camera modules.

Datasheets : Click here. These products are supported by ADI's online ADIsimPower design tool, which can be accessed here.

Availability and pricing : The ADP120, ADP121 and ADP130 LDOs are available now in production quantities. The ADP120 is 26 cents each, the ADP121 is 27 cents, and the ADP130 is 33 cents (all in 5-lead TSOT, 1k quantities). Contact for pricing of the ADP120 and ADP121 LDOs in the WLCSP.

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