Leadis rolls out standalone Class-G headphone amplifiers

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Leadis Technology Inc. is sampling standalone Class-G headphone amplifiers that are well suited for power sensitive applications such as mobile phones, MP3/PMPs, portable gaming, GPS/PNDs, notebook computers, and other portable audio products with a headphone output.

The LDS9505 and LDS9504 are optimized for ultra-low power dissipation dramatically increasing battery run-time. The LDS9505 and LDS9504 incorporate Gmax technology, a proprietary and highly effective implementation of Class-G amplification.

The LDS9505 and LDS9504 also feature the new Leadis ARA (Adaptive Rail Amplifier), an advanced proprietary charge-pump technology. ARA tracks the envelope of the audio signal in real-time to dynamically adjust internally generated power supply rails. Minimizing the voltage drop from the power supply rails to the audio waveform envelope eliminates wasted power found in competing headphone amplifiers solutions.

The LDS9505 and LDS9504 require a total of 4mW quiescent power, with ultra-low 5.5mW power dissipation per channel at typical headphone listening levels (0.5mw x 2). Additionally, the devices are capable of up to 63mW in single-ended stereo and 106mW in mono BTL output, with a SNR of 102dB.

Both are packaged in a standard 20-pin 4mm x 4mm QFN, as well as ultra-small chip-resistant Super-CSP 1.8mm x 2.3mm packaging.

Pricing: Single-unit pricing for 1,000-piece purchases is $1.80 for the LDS9505 and $1.60 for the LDS9504.
Availability: Samples are available today, with mass production quantities available the third quarter of 2008. An evaluation board with easy-to-use control software is also available to reduce engineering design-in effort.

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