LeadLife Releases New Generation Marketing Automation Solution

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ATLANTA, Nov. 1, 2011

ATLANTA , Nov. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — LeadLife Solutions (, the only provider of a premier lead management solution that combines people and technology, announced today the release of its second-generation marketing automation product. Based on years of experience in lead management, LeadLife is releasing a brand new technology with a Web 2.0 user interface and visual campaign builder fully designed to make marketing automation successful for companies.

“Based on our experience in the industry, we realized that many businesses aren't really using marketing automation because it's still just too complex,” said Lisa Cramer , president and co-founder of LeadLife. “We've taken our years of experience helping clients implement lead management campaigns and translated them into a product that's visual, easy-to-use and reflects how marketers think and what businesses really need.”

“With LeadLife's help, we've grown our online and offline business by more than 150 percent. LeadLife's technology and team of experts are an integral component of our success,” said Ben Davis , LeadLife client and founder and CEO of The Gents Place and “We're extremely excited to continue this growth using LeadLife's Web 2.0 marketing automation product.”

Highlights of the new release include:

  • A visual campaign builder with intuitive drag-and-drop features. Users no longer need to whiteboard their campaigns before implementing them – it can all be done in LeadLife's campaign builder palette. The campaign builder is easy, yet powerful, allowing marketers to build intelligent nurturing sequences based on their prospects' buying process.  

  • Robust rules builder that allows users to easily set rules for lead scoring, CRM integration and data cleansing. Simple to use, yet powerful, marketers can set rules to do just about anything in their lead database.

  • Over 50 out-of-the-box reports that allow marketers to slice and dice campaigns, leads, assets and more to optimize their marketing efforts. It also includes analyses to identify and target prospects and assess planned activities to ensure they meet forecasts.  

“LeadLife took a huge step forward with the next-generation product,” said Ian Michiels , principal analyst at Gleanster. “The new platform is simple to use and the visual drag-and-drop campaign builder makes it easy for marketers to create simple email campaigns and complex nurture sequences that integrate seamlessly with popular CRM platforms. The decision to re-create a next-generation product underscores LeadLife's commitment to customer success and allowed them to take advantage of emerging innovations in software-as-a-service infrastructure.”

“We are thrilled with LeadLife's new-generation product and in particular its new campaign builder,” said Christine Smith , LeadLife client and director of Marketing at Aderant. “The ability to visually see the flow of our campaigns is extremely intuitive, which saves us time and allows us to build more sophisticated lead management programs.”

The release is a great complement to LeadLife's lead management solution that combines brawn (marketing automation technology) and brains (lead management specialists) to help customers truly profit from lead management.

“It's not just about the technology,” said Michiels. “Companies cite the number one challenge with marketing automation is a lack of time and resources to develop more personalized campaigns. LeadLife is one of the few providers to dedicate lead management specialists to not just share best practices, but actually help build and execute campaigns for their clients. It sort of takes away any excuse a company can make about failing to be successful with marketing automation.”

In support of the product release, LeadLife has launched a new website with screenshots and videos featuring its unique blend of marketing automation technology and lead management experts.

About LeadLife Solutions

LeadLife Solutions is the only provider of a premier lead management solution combining people and technology. At LeadLife, we power our first-class marketing automation technology (a.k.a. the brawn) with lead management experts (a.k.a. the brains) to help clients maximize sales opportunities. Our specialists augment your staff with the time and expertise to build and execute marketing campaigns. With LeadLife's flexible and intuitive software, we can help you increase the value of your lead generation dollars online/offline, qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles and increase your marketing ROI. At LeadLife it's not only about leveraging automation, but also delivering lead management best practices to increase marketing and sales success. For more information on our marketing automation bundled services, please visit or call 1-800-680-6292.

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