LeCroy launches single-source SuperSpeed USB test suite

Chestnut Ridge, N.Y.— LeCroy Corp. has launched a single-source lineup of test instruments to comprehensively support the USB (Universal Serial Bus) 3.0 standard, also known as SuperSpeed USB.

The LeCroy USB 3.0 Test Suite is an integrated selection of test instruments that addresses all transmitter, receiver, TDR and protocol tests currently defined in the Universal Serial Bus 3.0 specification.

The LeCroy USB 3.0 Test Suite product line includes: the SDA 813Zi oscilloscope for physical layer transmitter verification, compliance and debug; the protocol-enabled receiver and transmitter tolerance tester, PeRT3, for receiver testing; the WaveExpert sampling oscilloscope for critical characterization and TDR measurements; and the USB 3.0 protocol analyzer exerciser platform, the Voyager verification system, which addresses the protocol layer.

Automated easy-to-use QualiPHY physical layer compliance software, and USB 3.0 test fixtures are included for rapid debugging and unmatched accuracy as well as full compliance testing.

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