LED backlight driver reduces backlight power dissipation by up 50 percent

Analog Devices, Inc., has expanded its lighting management system (LMS) product lineup with the new ADP8860 white LED (WLED) backlight driver – the first member of a new family of charge pump-configuration devices.

Designed to operate with sister LMS products, such as the ADP5520 lighting management system and ADP5588 mobile I/O expander, the ADP8860 features ambient light sensing, a highly programmable register set, and sophisticated fading and dimming options that reduce backlight power dissipation by up 50 percent. The flexible architecture simplifies the system designer's objective to optimize power management in a broad range of low-power, low-voltage products that require backlighting for small-format displays and/or keypads found in consumer, medical, industrial and instrumentation electronics devices.

For challenging applications such as maritime and portable navigation devices, radar scanners and consumer handsets, which require consistent display viewing in a variety of ambient lighting environments, the ADP8860 supports 1.7 to 3.3 V I/O operation. The device's configurable architecture improves ease-of-use by automatically detecting ambient light levels and adjusting backlighting brightness according to changing light conditions. Like ADI's other LMS devices, the ADP8860's LMS capability enables the device to automatically determine and adjust for the minimum gain required as light level changes and reduces power consumption up to 50 percent when compared with traditional charge pump devices that use the same lighting gain for all conditions. Multi-zone lighting capability is also available to support the main display, as well as other displays including navigation, special functions, keypad, and indicator displays where significant power savings can be realized while maintaining the required viewing light levels. The LMS also helps to minimize the processor's involvement, extending device autonomy – the time required between charges – and increasing the battery days-of-use time by up to 35 percent.

Featuring a parallel configuration, the single-chip ADP8860 can control up to seven LEDs – six at 30 mA maximum and one at 60 mA – offering varied dimming and fade-in/fade-out capabilities. The flexibility delivers independent LED control to achieve minimum/maximum current and fade-in/fade-out times, or in grouped LED control to offload the processor from fade-in/fade-out duties and conserve power. For example, designers can configure a small group of LEDs to backlight the display, and assign individual LEDs to drive keypad lighting, and network connectivity and charge indicator lights. The single-chip ADP8860 backlight driver also enables system designers to quickly and easily upgrade non-LMS devices to provide the desired fading and dimming functions, as well as extended battery life, to offer users an enhanced media viewing experience in a variety of lighting conditions.

Availability and Pricing

Samples of the ADP8860 WLED backlight driver are available in a compact 2 mm x 2.4 mm x 0.6 mm 20-bump WLCSP (wafer level chip scale package) or a small 4 mm x 4 mm x 1 mm, 20-pin LFCSP (lead frame chip scale package). The ADP8860 is priced at $1.70 per unit in 1,000-unit quantities.

Datasheet for: ADP8860

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