LED backlight module saves energy

Taipei, Taiwan—Delta Electronics Inc. has developed an energy-saving LED backlight module (BLM), which allows LEDs to achieve maximum homogeneous illumination.

The LED BLMs are available in 32-in., 40-in. and 42-in. form factors. Applications range from small cellular phones, to large outdoor exhibition boards, as well as lighting for both interior and exterior applications. Delta has design-in capabilities for both hybrid LED BLMs and full LED BLMs for TFT-LCD TVs.

Compared to traditional CCFL BLMs, hybrid LED BLMs increase red light purity and brightness by mixing cyan CCFLs with red LEDs, which increases the NTSC gamut by 5% and contrast ratio by 44%, as well as decreases loss of light due to LCD panel color filter, according to Delta.

Full LED BLMs feature triangular arrangement built on the PCB, which reduces the number of LEDs by 10%. Other advantages include brightness uniformity of 90%, an NTSC gamut of 100%, and a contrast ratio of 2042 (in comparison with 81% of brightness uniformity, an NTSC gamut of 69%, and 1000 contrast ratio for traditional CCFL BLMs).

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