LED driver IC targets multiple display applications

Allegro MicroSystems Europe's latest offering is a 16-channel LED driver IC with serial data inputs and outputs that enable easy cascading in large-scale display applications.

With serial data input rates capable of reaching 30 MHz, the serial data output allows multiple devices to be cascaded in applications requiring more than 16 LEDs, such as megapixel text or video displays for signs and control panels. The device can also be used in LCD backlighting or for controlling LEDs in an instrument or control panel.

The A6282 includes a CMOS input shift register and data latches that allow direct interfacing with microprocessor-based systems at supply voltages of 3.3 to 5 V. The 16 constant-current sink drivers deliver up to 50 mA per channel at 12 V, making the A6282 suited to both multiplexed and non-multiplexed applications.

LED drive current can be set using a single external resistor, whilst the brightness of all the channels can be controlled by applying a pulse-width-modulated signal to the 'output enable' input.

Operating over a -40C to +85C temperature range, the A6282 offers standard features such as thermal shutdown and undervoltage lockout protection and power-on reset. It is available in a variety of 24-terminal package types including HTSSOP and QFN, both with exposed thermal pads.

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