LED drivers appeal to disco divas on the move

austriamicrosystems' (Unterpremstaetten, Austria) latest led driver ic brings the ability to power multiple leds and synchronise them to audio, to mobile phones. The AS3665, otherwise known as the 'funlight' led driver, promises sharp colour and superior brightness in applications that also include MP3 players, portable game stations, toys and any audio equipment.

The AS3665 offers nine led channels with up to 25mA per channel and a 12bit PWM generator for each. The latter enables linear, logarithmic and ratiometric fading effects to be performed on individual channels, without requiring external processing support. Other features include command-based programming of all light patterns, colour correction and audio synchronization. The latter enables the leds to blink, fade and change colour with the device's audio input e.g.. light patterns can be adjusted to suit a particular type of music.

According to AMS, each channel operates with less than 50mV dropout voltage at 10mA. Other power saving features include a 150mA charge pump with automatic switching between 1:1, 1:1.5 and 1:2 mode. Programmable rail switching is available on three of the nine channels, allowing designers to choose between battery and capacitor voltage.

AMS offers a software tool with the AS3665 that facilitates development of light patterns. Apparently, among the first customers of the AS3665 is Samsung, whose Mobile Communication division stated: “austriamicrosystems' AS3665 led driver ic enables us to be faster to market by reducing development time and easily create light effects never seen before.”

The AS3665 is available in a 2.6 x 2.6mm, 25-bump WL-CSP. For further information, visit AMS’ website

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