LED switches deliver shorter stroke for audio/video apps

Scottsdale, Ariz. — NKK Switches has introduced the KP02 series of illuminated pushbutton switches that actuates with a shorter stroke for audio/video applications. The LED switches are available in both audible and silent actuation types.

Rated at 100 mA maximum at 12 Vdc, the KP02 features twin contacts with gold plating to ensure high reliability and long life of 5 million operations minimum. Epoxy-sealed terminals lock out flux, dust and other contaminants. The pushbutton switches are offered standard with red/green built-in LEDs, which can be combined to produce amber. RGB LEDs are also available. The square caps have a clear lens with a white diffuser and are offered in flat, sculptured or home key styles.

The KP02 series switches feature a total travel of .138 in. (3.5 mm). Pretravel is .091 in. (2.3 mm) and overtravel is 0.47 in.(1.2 mm). The switches measure .906 in. (23.0 mm) from the PC board to the top of the cap. (Same height as the KP01 and the IS series programmable SmartSwitch). Actuation force is 1.6 N.

The LED switches are available in three sizes: 17.4 mm, 15 mm and 12 mm. These devices feature specially designed snap in standoffs for secure PC-board mounting and alignment. A unique actuation guide gives positive indication of circuit transfer and a smooth and silent actuation. They are available in tactile or non-tactile feel in a silent actuation or tactile/audible.

Pricing: Starts as low as $4.00 in quantities of 2500+.
Availability: From stock to six weeks.
Product information: KP series

NKK Switches , 1-480-991-0942,

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