Legit Services’ Odegeo – eProcure 1.0 Interface Achieves Certified Integration with SAP® Applications

Personal Control and Total Transparency Help Ensure Accountability and Better ROI

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 16, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO , June 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Legit Services Corp. today announced its Odegeo – eProcure 1.0 interface has achieved certified integration with SAP® applications.  The solution has been proven to integrate with SAP solutions, allowing users to assign “relative” importance to purchasing factors through dynamically generated screens, thereby receiving an objective ranking of vendors and products that best meet their needs.


The SAP Integration and Certification Center has certified that the solution Odegeo version 1.0 and the interface Odegeo – e-Procure 1.0 integrate with the SAP ERP 6.0 application. Users can take advantage of Odegeo's unique offerings, knowing they will be working with an SAP certified solution.

“Odegeo is all about personal empowerment, transparency, accountability, and speed,” said William Wanker , president. “By achieving certified integration with SAP ERP, our patented product becomes available to an entirely new marketplace of users who can benefit from greater personalization and the detailed metrics that better inform company practice and vendor performance.”

Whether a customer is buying a computer chip or palm oil, price will be an important consideration, but not the only consideration. Company location, shipping options, delivery times, and payment terms – not to mention corporate principals, sustainable practices, fair trade and other certifications – may also be important. The user could weight these factors in ways that he or she chooses, such as price at 50 percent, location within the U.S. at 10 percent, shipping by rail and truck at 10 percent, sustainable practices at 5 percent, 30-day delivery at 15 percent, and the use of certified non-genetically modified plants at 10 percent. Using the Odegeo eProcure 1.0 interface, a customer need only hit the enter button and a rank of vendors and products will immediately and objectively be produced. (For a video demonstration, go to and click the video button in the left column. QuickTime needs to be downloaded and running.)

The Odegeo eProcure 1.0 interfacealso makes everything transparent. Total results are given for weights registered, pop-up screens allow detailed comparisons of factors, and vendor and product information is available without ever leaving the page. Users can save weights for future purchases, even share weights with colleagues. And pings tell users when new product matches become available, should they want to analyze options at times within the supply chain.

In addition, Legit Services has joined the SAP PartnerEdge™ program as an SAP software solution partner. Through the program, partners work closely with SAP to develop and certify the technical integration of their solutions with SAP software. Integrated partner applications extend, complement and add value to SAP solutions, thereby helping mutual customers more successfully meet business needs and drive strong results.

Legit Services is also a member of the SAP EcoHub solution marketplace, where customers can discover, evaluate and purchase solutions that complement their SAP applications, including the Odegeo eProcure 1.0 interface. Participation in SAP EcoHub provides Legit Services with a powerful new channel for reaching customers in an interactive community that integrates community input, user feedback, ratings and demos. Visit Legit Services on SAP EcoHub at!solution:Odegeo

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For more information, please contact:
William Paul Wanker , President


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