Li-Ion battery compatible DC/DC converter IP ideal for SoC designs

LTRIM Technologies announces the LTR2500-T13M Li-Ion battery compatible DC/DC converter IP block, which is now available in TSMC CMOS mixed-signal/RF 0.13-micron technology. The new high efficiency, synchronous step-down (buck) DC/DC converter IP block is the ideal power management solution for System on Chip (SoC) designs powered by Li-Ion or three-cell alkaline battery powered applications.

The LTR2500-T13M DC/DC Converters gives SoC designers the ability to integrate power management into their SoCs to improve system performance and extend battery life while reducing overall cost and PCB area.

The LTR2500-T13M includes many features that make it especially useful for a wide range of SoC designs targeted at battery-powered devices. The wide input voltage range (2.5 to 5.0V) of the IP block enables SoC designers to use popular Li-Ion and/or three-cell alkaline batteries in their designs. The IP block provides a constant output voltage while operating across the complete Li-Ion battery’s range. The LTR2500-T13M operates at a very high efficiency of up to 92 percent, and includes SLEEP mode for light load operation and SHUTDOWN mode for power savings — all features designed to extend the life of a battery, vital for optimum performance for portable devices.

“There’s a veritable cornucopia of portable devices on the market – from consumer products such as PDAs and digital cameras – to portable instrumentation and medical equipment, and typically they’re powered by 3.6V Li-Ion or 4.5V three-cell alkaline batteries,” said Sean Long, LTRIM’s Director of Marketing. “Designers can use LTRIM’s new LTR2500-T13M Li-Ion compatible DC-DC converter IP for power management and reap the benefits of noise reduction, longer battery life, and improved performance.”

For highly reliable power supply performance, the LTR2500-T13M converts a range of input voltages from 2.5 to 5.0V to output voltages from 1.2 to 1.8V with a guaranteed output current of 100mA. LTRIM’s new LTR2500-T13M Step-Down DC-DC converter, like all of LTRIM's high-performance power-management and analog IP blocks, is easily integrated into mixed-signal SoCs and analog ICs for overall bill of materials (BoM) cost savings, higher reliability and performance, and exceptional accuracy.

System engineers are often faced with time and resource limitations when trying to integrate high-performance analog functions onto SoC designs. LTRIM provides designers a low-risk, fast time-to-market solution with silicon-proven IP that has been fully characterized across a broad range of voltages and temperatures. Together with integration guidelines and technical support, this helps digital engineers easily add analog functions to their SoCs.

The LTR2500-T13M is available now in TSMC CMOS mixed signal/RF 0.13-micron technology; however, it can be retargeted to other foundry process technologies and output voltages.

LTRIM Technologies is a leading provider of high-performance analog IP, with solutions offered in advanced CMOS technology from industry leading foundries. LTRIM provides solutions for the power management and data conversion markets. The company’s IP solutions can be easily integrated into mixed-signal SoCs and stand-alone analog chips.

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