Light-to-digital sensor ICs extend battery life

Milpitas, Calif.—Intersil Corp. has developed two easy-to-use light-to-digital sensors that are designed to increase battery life and deliver enhanced functionality and performance in mobile, computer and consumer electronic products.

The ISL29010 and ISL29013 sensors measure and digitize the value of ambient light and then allow access to that information through a standard I²C interface. This provides a simple way to improve efficiency and functionality in end products by enabling applications to automatically adjust to varying light conditions. Performance advantages include extended battery life from keypad and display dimming in mobile devices as well as increased performance in displays for LCD panels, digital picture frames and digital cameras.

The spectral response of these devices attenuates unwanted IR radiation to provide accurate light measurement even in extreme low-light conditions. This is accomplished by integrating a full light-to-digital solution that includes specially tuned photodiodes to remove all unwanted IR noise, a signed 15-bit integrating A/D converter that allows for low-light sensitivity and automatic noise cancellation.

The ISL29010 and ISL29013 feature gain selection, giving designers the ability to select the dynamic range and low-light sensitivity that best matches the needs of their application. This software-enabled functionality to choose between low-light sensitivity and wider dynamic range ensures maximum performance as well as unmatched flexibility.

The devices operate on 2.5V to 3.3V and require supply current of 250 microamps. In addition, a power-down mode can be controlled by software via the I²C interface, reducing power consumption to less than 1 microamp.

Pricing: $1.20 each in 1,000-piece quantities.
Availability: The ISL29010 and ISL29013 are available now in 6-lead ODFN packages (2mm x 2.1mm).

Datasheets: ISL29010 and ISL29013.

Intersil Corp.,

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