Light To Voltage Converter – spectral sensitivity of 350 – 1050nm

Available from Pacer Components , is a range of light to voltage converters which provide an analogue output voltage proportional to light intensity.

Manufactured by TAOS (Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions) the TSL12, 13 and 14 family offers designers the benefits of an integrated optoelectronic solution ” lower noise, increased reliability, and reduced board space ” for the cost of a discrete solution.

Whereas a typical discrete solution will usually consist of a photodiode, transimpedance amplifier and gain setting resistors, the TSL12, 13 and 14 contain all of these on a single die. They operate in the 3 – 5V range, require a low supply current of 1.1mA typical and have a spectral sensitivity of between 350 and 1050nm.

Available in a side looking 3 pin plastic package the devices are ideal for use in lighting controls, electronic dimming ballasts, brightness controls for signs and medical applications such as low cost reagent strip readers.

Pacer Components PLC , Reading, Berkshire RG8 7JW, UK.

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