Lighting management IC drives up to eight LEDs in series

Phoenix, Ariz. — ON Semiconductor has introduced the NCP5890, a lighting management device that integrates LCD backlighting, fun light controls and ambient light sensing in a 3 x 3 x 0.55-mm uQFN-16 package. The NCP5890 targets compact smart phone and portable media player applications.

With its 30-volt (V) output capability, the device drives LEDs in series to achieve homogeneous backlight over the LCD screen. In addition, the NCP5890 controls three sets of white LEDs or RGB LEDs to create fun light patterns on keypads or chassis in a unique combination with backlighting. The driver also extends battery life by adjusting the backlight current according to the ambient light level.

Featuring high overall power efficiency of up to 90 percent at 1.3 megahertz (MHz) oscillator frequency, the NCP5890 inductive boost LED driver delivers up to 30 V at output. It can drive up to eight LEDs in series for LCD backlight and fun lighting. The device supports ambient light sensing, a feature required in smart phones to reduce power consumption and increase user comfort.

The NCP5890 also features built-in gradual dimming that creates fade-in and fade-out effects. Both ambient light sensing and gradual dimming are automated built-in functions that can be activated with I2C commands. The device supports the I2C protocol with two separate address options. The integrated driver also extends battery power with a true cut-off function that limits the leakage output current in shut-down mode.

Pricing: $1.30 each in quantities of 3,000.
Product information: NCP5890

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