LIN system basis chips operate at supply voltages up to 40-V

Heilbronn, Germany—Atmel Corp.'s latest LIN system basis chips (SBCs) are designed to comply with the LIN 2.0 specification and the SAEJ2602 standard.

The ATA6623 and ATA6625 employ Atmel's second-generation LIN transceiver. Atmel's high-voltage BCD-on-SOI technology SMARTIS and the SO8 power package enable the devices to operate at supply voltages up to 40V.

The ATA6623 and ATA6625 have an ESD stability of greater than 6 kV. In addition to the LIN transceiver, they also incorporate a low-drop voltage regulator (ATA6623: 3.3V output voltage, ATA6625: 5V output voltage). As a result, system costs can be reduced by approximately 20%, Atmel said.

Applications include automotive comfort applications such as door modules, seat control or intelligent sensors, and powertrain applications.

The SMARTIS process uses SOI (silicon-on-insulator) substrate, which results in an extremely low leakage current and a significant reduction in crosstalk between the analog and digital circuits on the same die as well as latch-up-free operation at high temperatures. The use of SOI also results in lower parasitic effects, which improves EMC performance, Atmel said.

The ATA6623 and ATA6625 offer several protective features such as over-temperature shutdown and full protection against short circuits. The ATA6623 and ATA6625 also meet strict automotive qualification demands and can withstand transients according to ISO/TR 7637/1.

Pricing: $0.89 each for 10k piece quantities.
Availability: Sampling.
Datasheets: ATA6623 and ATA6625.

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