Line receiver ICs offer high precision

Milford, Mass. — THAT Corp. has introduced a family of dual-balanced line receiver ICs. The high-performance 1280 Series is laser trimmed for 90 dB common mode rejection ratio (CMRR), and features an industry-standard pinout in a 14-pin SO package. The family includes versions that support 0 dB, ±3 dB, and ± 6 dB gain.

Leveraging THAT's proprietary dielectric isolation (DI) process, the 1280 Series delivers 7.6-MHz or higher bandwidth, 0.0006% THD and slew rate of 15 V/us. Current consumption is typically 6 mA (3 mA per amplifier). In addition, the 0dB-gain 1280 device uses lower internal impedances to improve the noise performance by 3.5 dB compared to TI's INA2134, said THAT. These parts may be used as a substitute for the TI INA2134 and 2137.

Availability: Samples are available immediately in RoHS-compliant 14-pin SO packages.
Product information: 1280 Series

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