Linear power amp suits broadband frequencies

Avago Technologies has introduced a linear power amplifier for 18 to 33 GHz frequency ranges. Designed to cater to meet driver amplifier needs for broadband frequencies, these millimeter wave (MMIC) amplifiers are said to eliminate the need for negative voltage requirements to ensure better RF performance.

The AMMC/P-6333 is a high performance driver amplifier that, Avago claims, offers high gain (20 dB) and power, plus 'excellent input and output return losses'. With 50-ohm matching and third order intercept point of 30 dBm, the amplifier is said to be easy to use with a single positive voltage supply and DC power of 5V bias at 220 mA.

The devices are being fabricated on a 0.25um process employing enhancement mode PHEMT technology. Available as bare die or as a surface mount package, the AMMC/P-6333 targets wireless communication infrastructure applications, including point-to-point radios, VSAT and fibre to the home.

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