Linear rolls 800MHz, 31dB range analog-controlled VGA

Milpitas, Calif.—Linear Technology has introduced the LTC6412, an 800MHz analog-controlled variable gain amplifier (VGA) with highly linear gain control and a guaranteed maximum conformance error of only 0.45dB.

The LTC6412 is optimized for operation from 1MHz to 500MHz and provides continuous gain adjustment from -14dB to 17dB. Third-order output intercept point (OIP3) is 35dBm at 240MHz across all gain settings. The LTC6412 also achieves a constant output noise level over the entire gain range, with a noise figure (NF) of 10dB at the maximum gain setting. This results in a constant SFDR characteristic, remaining at greater than 120dB at 240MHz over the full gain control range. The LTC6412 is therefore well-suited for use in automatic gain control (AGC) in receiver IF chains.

The device's gain is controlled with either a positive or negative slope control voltage. Using negative gain slope mode, the gain control slope is approximately -32dB/V at 140MHz, with a control range of 0.1V to 1.1V.

The LTC6412 consumes 110mA on a 3.3V supply, enabling a low power, compact solution when paired with other low voltage mixers such as the LT5557, ADC drivers such as the LTC6400 and LTC6416, and ADCs such as the LTC2208. It also includes a shutdown pin, reducing the current consumption to below 1mA for power-down or sleep modes.

The LTC6412 is available in a 4mm x 4mm 24-pin QFN package.

Pricing: Starting at $4.69 in 1,000 piece quantities.
Availability: Offered in commercial-grade and industrial-grade versions.

Datasheet: click here.

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