Live Chat, 12/20: a Brief Look Back & a Keen Look Forward to 2014

Like the Roman god Janus, who can look at the future and the past simultaneously, the Integration Nation community of bloggers and experts will attempt to do the same. We will hope for a lively discussion from you, our audience, without whom we would not exist. We're here for and because of you.

The Roman god Janus(Source:

The Roman god Janus

This look back and ahead will take the form of a chat on Friday, December 20 at 1:00 p.m. EST (18:00 GMT/UTC). The topic is “A look ahead — and a quick look back.”

To participate, at (or just before) 1:00 p.m., go here.

We had some great advances in 2013 in integrated electronics in such areas as alternative energies, energy harvesting, LED lighting, and smart meters — just to mention a few.

We expect that in 2014 there will be more advances in these areas and also in autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, wearable electronics, IoT with respect to wireless and sensor integration, space and satellites, integrating power elements on chip, audio, energy storage, charging circuitry, video ICs, robotics, and drones.

Please join us and our group of experts in this chat that will be eye-opening, informative, and fun. See you there.

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  1. samicksha
    December 20, 2013

    One of the topic i would love to take up in this chat, will be powerful analog designer tools.

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