LNA module comes in ultra-thin package

San Jose, Calif.—Slated for cellphone handsets that use GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite reception, Avago Technologies 's ultra-thin LNA (low-noise amplifier) can improve receiver sensitivity to assure reliable satellite location.

Avago's MGA-635T6 LNA module is designed for handsets for location-based services, and for those that must meet the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) E911 (Wireless Enhanced 911) mandate for handsets.

Key Specs

According to Avago, its power-managed MGA-635T6 MMIC (monolithic microwave IC) touts the industry's lowest noise-figure of 0.86-dB (at 1.575-GHz). Other key RF specs include 14.6-dB of gain, 2.5-dBm output power (almost 2-mW at the 1-dB gain compression), and wide dynamic range. Typical input third-order intercept point is +3.5-dBm.

The MGA-635T6 can also operate at voltages as low as 1-V, and up to 3.3-V. Operating current is low as 4.5-mA at 1-V, with a total shutdown current of approximately 0.1-µA. The LNA also includes a CMOS-compatible shutdown pin to provide variable bias to the amplifier.

Ultra-Thin Packaging

Measuring 0.4-mm thick (0.016-in.), the device comes in a UTSLP (ultra-thin system level package) that permits it to be incorporated into hybrid module assemblies. These can include LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramic) modules that often require components with a thickness of 0.6-mm or less.

On the inside, the LNA uses Avago's proprietary GaAs (gallium arsenide) E-pHEMT (enhancement-mode pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor) process. The E-pHEMT technology is responsible for the device's high-gain with low noise-figure and high linearity.

Price And Availability

The MGA-635T6 LNA module is priced at about 46-cents each in 21,000-piece to 54,000-piece quantities. Samples and demo boards are immediately available, with production quantities anticipated by the end of the month.

Click here for an engineering datasheet (in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format). It includes a demo board layout and schematic.

For more details contact Avago Technologies, 350 W. Trimble Rd., Bldg. 90, San Jose, Calif. 95131. Phone: 408-435-7400 or 877-673-9442.

Avago Technologies , 877-673-9442,

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