LoadSlammer makes transient load system POL testing easier

LoadSlammer is a manufacturer of devices for transient load testing of point-of-load in power management systems. This company is bringing an easy-to use-load-transient test system to market (a small piece of hardware and a web app). There aren’t many great options to quickly and inexpensively test a POL transient response. LoadSlammer looks like it has a good one. Check it out.

LoadSlammer is a tool that is able to test and verify load transient performance. Busy design engineers do not have the time, equipment to verify loop stability, and sometimes even the complete knowledge to do this properly. What really matters to get the best answer is AC/transient response.

I know how difficult and time-consuming it is to test power delivery devices in servers, data-centers and applications in excess of 1,000A/us as well as IoT systems voltage rails below 20A at very high precision. This new product can test these and more without any added test equipment.

This product is even designed for the non-power expert engineer or the really busy power expert engineer. It is designed primarily to check transient response. This system has many great features already in the software, with more planned for the future.

Tools for these solutions allow designers, power IC vendors, and ASIC/CPU manufacturers to work together with measurable test data in an interchangeable format. Each device can be easily connected via USB to a computer or laptop with the Google Chrome browser, requiring no additional software installations. After opening the device box, engineers can begin point-of-load power testing within five minutes.

The LS25 device features increased resolution in low-current power testing. This device features a load range of 1 A – 20 A and a programmable slew rate of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 50 A/µs. The device also offers built-in protection against over-temperature, over-current, and over voltage events. See Figure 1.

transient load system POL testing
Figure 1 LoadSlammer GUI

The LS50 device is designed to test and optimize power delivery circuits with multi-purpose voltage conversion regulators. The device features a load range of 5 A – 75 A and a selectable slew rate of 1 A/µs –50 A/µs. The LS50 can be used to test different voltage rails at the same time. See Figure 2.

Figure 2 LoadSlammer package

The LS1000 supports verification of high-performance, multiphase power delivery circuits, with no additional test equipment required. The LS1100, in addition to enabling easy verification of power solutions, features powerful 3D sweep charting, which pulses rapidly through a variety of duty cycles and frequencies to create an in-depth picture of the frequency response of a circuit. Both the LS1000 and LS1100 feature a load range of 30 A – 120 A and 11 selectable slew rate settings up to 1,000 A/µs. See Figure 3.

hardware layout
Figure 3 LS1100 hardware layout

For more information regarding ordering visit Mouser Electronics.

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  1. Andy_I
    August 22, 2019

    What’s not to like about a start-up that names itself “LoadSlammer”? 🙂

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