Logic Gate Optocoupler – high speed at low input drive current

Fairchild introduced the FOD2200 , a low input current logic gate optocoupler that provides industry-leading high isolation voltage (5kV rms) over a wide power supply voltage range.

The high common mode rejection (CMR) of 1kV/s and hysteresis output allows the FOD2200 to deliver optimum performance for high-speed applications in noisy industrial environments. The device's low IF (1.6 mA, min) and wide VCC range (4.5-20 V) not only lowers power consumption but makes it compatible with TTL, LSTTL, and CMOS logic. Other noteworthy features include electrical and switching characteristics guaranteed over a 0&#176C to 85&#176C range and a maximum propagation delay of 300 ns.

The three-state output of the FOD2200 reduces additional circuit board components by eliminating the need for a pull-up resistor. In high noise applications, the FOD2200 is especially effective for isolating high-speed logic interfaces and for buffering input and output lines.

The DIP-8 package is available in three leadform options for either through-hole or surface-mount applications. The product is available now and delivery is 8 weeks ARO.

Fairchild Semiconductor , Swindon, Wilts SN4 8SY, UK.

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