Logic Launches System on Module and eXperimenter Development Kit for the Texas Instruments AM3517 microprocessor

MINNEAPOLIS , Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ — Logic, an innovative product solutions company, announces the availability of the AM3517 System on Module (SOM) and the Zoom AM3517 eXperimenter Development Kit based on the Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) Sitara™ ARM® Cortex™-A8 AM3517 microprocessor (MPU). Logic and TI collaborated on the design, development, and manufacturing of the AM3517 SOM-M2, eXperimenter Development Kit, and TI's recently announced AM3517 evaluation module (EVM).

The AM3517 SOM-M2 offers the right combination of application-specific peripherals for medical, commercial, and industrial applications. The AM3517 SOM-M2 is a highly integrated, low-power solution featuring an ARM Cortex-A8 processor and POWERVR® SGX graphics engine that provides developers with a solution that not only drives down system cost, but offers a scalable platform of differentiated features and room for future growth.

Highlights of the AM3517 SOM-M2 include:

  • ARM Cortex-A8 performance at sub-one-watt power consumption eliminates the need for heat sinks and fans allowing industrial developers to design silent, air-tight enclosed solutions.
  • The built-in Imagination Technologies POWERVR SGX™ graphics engine on the AM3517 MPU produces rich graphical user interface (GUI) experiences, supports all major APIs, including OpenGL® ES 2.0, and is capable of processing up to 10M polygons/sec.
  • Multiple connectivity options exist on the AM3517 SOM-M2: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet, an integrated 10/100 wired Ethernet MAC (EMAC) and PHY, and a built-in high-end CAN controller.

“Logic consistently delivers high-quality development tools that enable customers to easily take advantage of the flexibility and performance of TI's ARM solutions,” said Russell Crane , AM35x marketing manager, TI. “Logic empowers our commercial and industrial customers to design advanced products with a reduced development time and cost since they are leveraging the same SOM in these comprehensive and easy to use development tools.”

Two Zoom Development Kit options allow developers to choose the platform best suited to their application needs. Logic's new Zoom AM3517 eXperimenter Development Kit is a community supported board that features the AM3517 SOM-M2 and Linux board support package (BSP) as well as key peripherals to begin development, such as USB Host, USB OTG, SD/MMC, Ethernet, RS232, and video output options. The AM3517 EVM builds on the eXperimenter board with an additional application board that includes CAN, UART, USB Host, two additional Ethernet connectors, an additional SD/MMC, audio and video input as well as output options and a 4.3″ touch screen LCD for local display.

By starting with any of the tools, engineers can write application software on the same hardware that will be used in their final product. Logic provides full design engineering and manufacturing services around the SOM-M2 to help customers quickly develop innovative solutions.


+ Product-ready SOM with a TI AM3517 ARM Cortex-A8 MPU running at 500 MHz

+ Compact form factor – SOM-M2 (40.9 x 51.2 x 4.4 mm)

+ AM3517 MPU features Imagination Technology's POWERVR SGX graphics core enabling OpenGL 2.0 and OpenVG1.0 10M polygons/sec

+ AM3517 MPU includes an integrated EMAC reducing the cost of 10/100 Ethernet implementations for end products

+ 802.11b/g wireless and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR

+ Long product lifecycle

+ Open source Linux™ BSP

+ 0˚C to 70˚C (commercial temp)

+ Industrial temp configuration coming in second half of 2010

+ RoHS compliant

Zoom AM3517 eXperimenter Kit: : FEATURES:

+ Low-cost eXperimenter kit

+ AM3517 SOM-M2 (Bluetooth and 802.11b/g wireless NOT included)

+ eXperimenter baseboard

+ Open source Linux BSP

Zoom AM3517 Evaluation Module (EVM) :: FEATURES:

+ AM3517 SOM-M2 (includes Bluetooth and 802.11b/g wireless)

+ eXperimenter baseboard

+ Application board

+ 4.3″ WQVGA LCD

+ Open source Linux™ BSP

+ Available from

Price & Availability

The Zoom AM3517 eXperimenter Kit will be available in January from Logic's distributors for $199 . The AM3517 SOM-M2 will be available in two configurations:

+ SOMXAM3517-10-1780RJCR :: XAM3517 processor, up to 500 MHz, 256 MB DDR2, 512 MB NAND flash, wired Ethernet, 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, touch controller

+ SOMXAM3517-10-1780FJCR :: XAM3517 processor, up to 500 MHz, 256 MB DDR2, 512 MB NAND flash, wired Ethernet, touch controller, no wireless interfaces

Please contact for price and availability.

About Logic

Logic offers innovative product solutions covering every point in the product lifecycle, from product design and engineering to electronic manufacturing services. Logic is a leading global supplier of System on Modules (SOMs) and development kits. Offering unparalleled partnerships with access to key technologies, Logic helps customers control costs, reduce risk, and deliver products to market sooner. Visit Logic at for more information.


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