Lone chip will cut costs and improve LCD TV picture

San Jose, Calif — Designed to simplify building cost-effective LCD TVs, Royal Philips Electronics today announced a single-chip device for 30-inch screens.

It is the latest addition to the company's LCD TV pin- compatible chip portfolio, which includes similar devices aimed at the low end (TDA15500) and high end (PNX5000) of the LCD TV market. Philips' TDA15600 supports the midrange portion, which it defines as TV screen sizes of up to 30 inches. The low-end chip is intended for screens measuring 23-inches high, and the high-end chip is for screens above 30 inches.

With its high level of integration, the single-chip device offers the lowest bill of materials for midrange LCD TVs, according to Jos Klippert, marketing director for LCD TV solutions at Philips Semiconductors.

The highly integrated video decoder/de-interlacer device has resulted in a component count reduction of roughly 30 percent, Klippert said. “Normally, you would have a front end for video decoding, a scaler and a microprocessor, as well as a separate sound decoder, but all of these functions are now integrated,” he said.

A ready-to-manufacture reference design will help reduce costs by speeding development time and lowering manufacturing costs, Klippert said. Product features include de-interlacing with edge-dependent de-interlacing (EDDI), detail adaptive noise reduction and the option of integrated 3-D comb functionality, as well as sound processing, control, and teletext.

Samples of Philips' TDA15600 are available now, with volume production slated for the first quarter next year. The production-ready design will be available in the third quarter.

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Pricing for the TDA15600 starts at $15 each in 100,000-piece quantities. Click here for additional technical information on the TDA15600.

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