Low capacitance devices provide high ESD protection

ON Semiconductor has added the ESD7L5.0D and the NUP4212a to its high performance off-chip ESD protection portfolio.

The ESD7L5.0D, which comes in a tiny 3-pin, SOT-723 package, protects two high speed data lines at 0.5 pico farad (pF) capacitance per line. For example, it can be used to protect the D+ and D- lines of a USB2.0 port. Alternatively, it could be connected cathode to cathode to protect a single bi-directional line at 0.25 pF, making it ideal for protecting high frequency RF antenna lines.

The NUP4212 protects four high speed data lines at 0.7 pF per line and 2 Vcc power lines in the compact 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.5 mm UDFN-6 package. This enables the designer to protect the D+ and D- lines plus the Vcc line on two USB ports with a single integrated solution.

The two devices share several features. ON Semiconductor claims that both the ESD7L5.0D and NUP4212 are capable of clamping an input ESD waveform of 15 kilovolt (kV) to less than 7 volts (V) in a matter of nanoseconds, ensuring a high level of protection for today's ESD sensitive ics. The company notes that whilst other off-chip ESD protection technologies such as polymer and ceramic-based varistors offer low capacitance, their ESD clamping voltage is significantly higher than the ON Semiconductor solution. In addition, the ON Semiconductor silicon devices are free from wearout mechanisms that affect the reliability and performance of passive technologies after multiple surge events such as ESD.

“ON Semiconductor is continuing to expand its leadership in high performance ESD protection solutions with the introduction of ultra low capacitance products targeting high speed data applications,” said Mamoon Rashid, ON Semiconductor vice president and general manager of the company's Discrete Products Division. “Next generation portable applications require improved performance and increased design flexibility at higher and higher data rates. ON Semiconductor continues to respond to this trend by introducing a complete family of low capacitance ESD protection solutions”.

The ESD7L5.0DT5G is available in a SOT-723 package, whilst the NUP4212 is available in a UDFN-6 package.

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