Low-cost amplifier provides headroom to prevent audio holes

Philips introduced the TDA8947J amplifier that will provide manufacturers of audio applications a low cost solution for high performance audio. Featuring Philips' patented overload protection; the TDA8947J enables sufficient headroom to prevent audio holes under extreme conditions such as low load impedances, which in many cases can happen when overdriving an amplifier or using external speakers.

The performance, combined with its high supply voltage range, makes the TDA8947J suitable applications such as home theatre applications, PC speakers and LCD, Plasma and CRT TVs. In addition, these features combined with its low cost, make the TDA8947J an ideal solution in terms of its price/performance ratio.

“Philips has developed its patented overload protection technology to bring to market a robust solution for high performance audio amplification,” said Jan-Paul Huyser, international product marketing, audio amplifiers at Philips Semiconductors. “In addition, Philips has developed a family of these devices to support the various power requirements of today's consumer electronic devices – ensuring our customers a flexible amplification solution to complement their audio and video products.”

The TDA8947J includes a 4-channel amplifier that can be used to enhance the sound of a simple 2.1 systems amplifier or to build a 5.1 system with just two chips – reducing the bill of materials for a 5.1 system up to three times. A voltage range of 9V to 28Volt allows the TDA8947J to be designed in to a wide range of applications, including those with a simple power supply structure. Capable of delivering 4x25W or a mix of 2x15W+1x50W (2.1 system), the single chip solution also allows easy interfacing to the on/off control circuit of the applications.

To complete the family Philips also released a 2-channel amplifier (TFA9842J for 2x7W and TFA9843J for 2x20W) and a 1-channel amplifier (TFA9841J for 1x7W) into the market, having the same feature list as the above mentioned TDA8947J. The TDA8947J is now available.

TDA8947J Data sheet

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