Low-cost balanced line receivers suit audio apps

THAT Corporation has announced a series of low-cost dual differential line receiver ICs intended primarily for use as dual audio balanced line receivers. Offered as a space-saving alternative to conventional op amps, the THAT 1290 series of self-contained differential amplifiers are preconfigured for gains of 0, ±3, and ±6dB, and are priced at $0.99 in quantities of 1,000.

Specifications include a THD of 0.0006%, a bandwidth exceeding 7.6 MHz, and a slew rate of 14 V/µs. Common-mode rejection is typically 50 dB.

The 1290s are made using the company's proprietary dielectric isolation process. According to Les Tyler, THAT's president, due to the process's ability to deliver discrete device performance, “these parts sound like discrete designs, with the size, reliability, and convenience of ICs.”

Samples of the THAT 1290 series are available immediately in a RoHS-compliant 16-pin QSOP. Pricing is $0.99 each in quantities of 1,000.

THAT Corporation , (508) 478-9200,

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