Low-cost precision frequency synthesizer offers ultra-low jitter

San Jose, Calif. — Micrel Inc. has released a precision frequency synthesizer with ultra-low jitter. The SY89610L device is targeted at datacommunications, telecommunications, servers, and storage markets, specifically SONET/SDH, 10GeB FEC, 10GeB LAN PHY, and add-drop MUX applications.

The cost of these device types typically runs about $60 each, however, the SY89610L offers a lower cost by a factor of nearly five, Micrel said. In addition, the device features a typical jitter output of 1 ps RMS, compared to other synthesizers that typically provide a 40 ps RMS jitter. The frequency synthesizer also features less noise than devices currently on the market, which eliminates the need for external components, reducing the bill-of-materials (BOM) cost, added the company.

The SY89610L takes in selected frequency clocks between 19 MHz and 694 MHz and puts out selected frequency with very low jitter, said Micrel. The device input accepts ac- or dc-coupled differential signals such as LVDS, LVPECL, and CML for greater flexibility. This synthesizer features a LC Tank VCO and auto-tune circuit that improves signal performance. It is offered in a 32-pin MLF package.

Pricing: Starts at $12.84 in quantities of 1,000.

Availability: Samples can now be ordered at: The SY89610L is available in volume.
Datasheet: SY89610L

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