Low-cost, versatile Class D amplifiers line debuts

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9736A/B, a family of versatile single-supply, filterless Class D speaker amplifiers, which provide high-performance, thermally efficient amplifier solutions at the lowest solution cost.

The amplifiers are targeted at all-in-one PCs, LCD/PDP/CRT monitors and TVs, conference phones, MP3 docking stations, notebook PCs, and PC speakers.

The MAX9736A/B feature a spread-spectrum, filterless modulation design that minimizes external components and keeps costs low. The devices pass CE EMI limits with 1m cables by using only a low-cost ferrite bead and a capacitor on each output. The MAX9736A/B do not require any external Schottky diodes, which add cost to competing solutions. The devices save further space by eliminating both output LC (inductor-capacitor) filters and input-filter operational amplifiers.

The MAX9736A/B provide 2 ohm to 8 ohm (or higher) load drive capability. The MAX9736A delivers 2 x 15W into 8 ohm loads, or 1 x 30W into a 4 ohm load; the MAX9736B delivers 2 x 6W into 8 ohm loads or 1 x 12W into a 4 ohm load. With a pin-selectable stereo/mono mode, the MAX9736A/B can drive a 4 ohm stereo or 2 ohm mono load with supply voltages up to 12V.

Available as mid- (MAX9736B) and high-power (MAX9736A) devices, the MAX9736A/B operate from a wide, single-supply 8V to 28V power supply that allows direct battery operation in portable applications. The high 67dB PSRR eliminates the need for a costly, regulated power supply. High efficiency (up to 88% at 12V supply) eliminates the need for a heatsink.

Pricing: Starts at $1.49 (1000-up, FOB USA).
Availability: The devices are available in a small 7mm x 7mm, 32-pin TQFN package.
Datasheet: Click here.

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