Low drift op amp suits precision industrial and process control applications

Designed for high gain, 16bit and 24bit precision applications, Intersil's ISIL28133 is a chopper-stabilised operational amplifier (op amp) boasting high-gain accuracy with zero drift and low power.

The ISL28133, part of Intersil's pinPoint precision analog range, is a rail-to-rail input and output op amp for single supplies from 1.65V to 5.5V. Its low supply current and wide input ranges suits industrial equipment, portable medical systems, data acquisition products, diagnostic systems – any applications that require high accuracy but have limited power consumption budgets. Operating down to 1.65V and with a power consumption of 25¼A (max), it also suits handheld devices powered by two AA or single Li-Ion batteries. Input bias current is 300pA maximum.

Input offset voltage is 8¼V, output noise is 1.1¼V peak-peak, and a typical temperature drift of 20nanovolts per degree/Celsius (nV/°C), providing maximum accuracy for signal chains in applications that require very low DC noise and high gain accuracy, such as sensor amplifier front-ends.

Notably, Intersil claims that the ISL28133 makes an ideal as a sensor amp frontend for pressure, temperature and other inertial sensors. Additional applications include low Ohmic current sensing that are common in power supply and safety monitors where accuracy at high gain is critical.

The ISL28133 is available in a 5 lead SOT-23 package and operates over the extended temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. For more ISL28133 information, visit Intersil's website.

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