Low Dropout Regulator – PSRR of more than 70dB at 1kHz

Micrel launched the MIC2215 , a triple, low dropout regulator (LDO) for electronic device applications including cellular phones, PDAs, PCs and peripherals such as wireless LAN cards.

Fabricated in CMOS technology, the MIC2215 sets a new industry standard for triple LDO performance with a PSRR (power supply ripple rejection) of more than 70dB at 1kHz and a ground current of less than 110A per output at light load. The IC's low dropout, high PSRR, and low ground current, coupled with low noise and fast turn-on time, make it an ideal solution for today's most demanding portable applications.

The chip offers an extremely low dropout of 100mV typical at 150mA, providing crucial longer battery life in portable applications. The MIC2215 is offered in the small footprint, thermally superior, 4 x 4mm 16-pin MLF package . This package is approximately the same footprint as an MSOP-8/10 lead package, yet features a thermal resistance junction-to-ambient of only 45&degC/W when compared to the MSOP's 200&degC/W rating. This feature gives customers a power dissipation advantage of more than 75%.

Micrel Semiconductor Ltd , Newbury, Berkshire RG14 5QS, UK.

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