Low jitter timing modules synchronize Ethernet networks

Hopkington, Mass.—Valpey Fisher Corporation introduced the VFJA432 and VFJA434 integrated timing modules for synchronizing Ethernet networks.

Valpey Fisher's VFJA432 and VFJA434 quartz crystal-based integrated timing modules can synchronize an Ethernet physical layer to a telecom network timing reference while generating a 0.18 picosecond jitter Ethernet clock.

The VFJA432 and VFJA434 jitter attenuators can synchronize to common telecom frequencies such as 8-KHz and 19.44MHz from the backplane or common Ethernet frequencies such as 25-MHz and 125-MHz from the physical layer. The input frequency is selectable from four preset frequencies. Once the timing module synchronizes to the input frequency, the VFJA432 and VFJA434 can provide dual and quad output frequencies, respectively, from 10-MHz to 200-MHz.

Datasheets: VFJA432 and VFJA434.

Valpey Fisher Corp., 1-508-435-6831,

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