Low noise amplifier targets set-top boxes

Camarillo, Calif.—Semtech Corp. has announced the SX1701A/SX1701B/SX1701 family of highly linear wideband low noise amplifiers (LNAs) with differential outputs.

Applications include satellite and terrestrial TV set top boxes (STBs), RF active splitters and other active balun applications.

These wideband LNAs offer high RF performance and provide differential outputs compatible with current STB front-end tuner devices. The SX1701 platform has a differential output architecture that eliminates the need for PCB baluns, and requires a minimal number of external components, saving board space and cost.

SX1701 devices are offered in 1-, 2- and 3-channel versions with each active channel having independently selectable gain of +6dB, +12dB and +18dB, ideal for a wide dynamic range of input RF signals. These devices provide LNA functionality to drive the main tuner, PIP tuner, and DVR tuner in STB applications as well as easy implementation of loop-thru architectures.

The SX1701 family matches a 75-Ohm single-ended source to a 100-Ohm differential load while dissipating 130mA (typ) of power per enabled channel. The SX1701 devices provide a flat response from 40MHz to 2.5GHz intended for terrestrial and satellite STB applications. Each channel provides high RF performance and linearity offering OIP3 of 22dBm, OIP2 of 53dBm, and an output P1dB of +13dBm. With Input Return Loss of 15dB @2GHz and Output Return Loss of 20dB @2GHz, no external matching networks or bias inductors are required to deliver this performance.

The SX1701A/SX1701B /SX1701 devices provide board space and BOM cost savings when either a differential LNA output or a multi-channel LNA architecture is required. These devices are available in a lead-free 4mm x 4mm 16-QFN package and operate over a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Pricing: SX1701A is priced at $0.40 each in 50,000-piece lots.
Availability: Immediately in production quantities.
Datasheets: SX1701, SX1701A and SX1701B.

Semtech Corp.

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