Low-power A/D converters packaged in 3×3-mm TDFN for portables

Unterpremstaetten, Austria—austriamicrosystems has expanded its micro-power A/D converter family with the AS1528, a 10-bit, single-channel fully-differential device and the AS1529 dual-channel single-ended device.

The AS1528 and AS1529 offer low power operation in a small 3x3mm TDFN 8-pin package. The AS1528/29 family is aimed at small battery-powered devices and portable data acquisition systems such as remote sensors or pen digitizers with tough space requirements.

The 10-bit AS1528/29 consume less than 350-µA (3V) at the 150-ksps maximum sampling rate. The advanced automatic shutdown feature places the device into sleep mode between conversions, significantly reducing power consumption at lower sampling speeds. Power consumption drops to 245-µA (3V) at a reduced speed of 100-ksps, down to 2.5µA at a speed of 1ksps and to 200nA during shutdown.

The AS1528/29 offer DC performance of ±0.275LSB (max) for INL and DNL, as well as an ultra-low offset and gain error of ±0.25LSB.

Pricing: The AS1528/29 are priced at $ 2.88 each in 1,000-unit quantities.
Datasheet: click here.

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