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Low-power ADCs sport 11b resolution, 200 Msps and SNR boost scheme

Dallas, Tex—Targeting multi-carrier and multi-mode communications systems and base stations requiring up to 65 MHz of signal bandwidth, such as CDMA, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, LTE and WiMAX, a set of single, dual, and quad-channel analog/digital converters (ADCs) from Texas Instruments offers 11 bits of resolution with 200 Msps and 65 MHz bandwidth. The ADS58B18, ADS58B28, and ADS58B48 implement a proprietary internal technique to boost SNR by about 4.3 dB at 185 MSPS across 60 MHz of bandwidth, see figure:

The converters yield 72.3 dB SNR across 60 MHz bandwidth or 75.4 db SNR across 30 MHz bandwidth, while power consumption is 215 mW/channel (ADS58C48), 230 mW/channel (ADS58C28), 310 mW/channel (ADS58B18) at 200 Msps. I/O options include user-selectable CMOS or DDR LVDS, to allows connection to existing TI GCxxxx digital radio products, FPGA and digital ASIC solutions. For evaluation and demonstration, the vendor offers modules and TSW1200 digital-capture tools to enable rapid evaluation and prototyping.—Bill Schweber

Packing, availability, and pricing: The quad ADS58C48 is available today in an 80-pin TQFP package for $111.95 in 1,000 unit quantities. The dual ADS58C28 and buffered input single-channel ADS58B18 are also available today in 64-pin and 48-pin QFN packages for $63.95 and $39.95, respectively.

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