Low-power audio codecs support analog/digital microphones

Texas Instruments has announced three audio codecs for portable consumer devices that in addition to offering low power consumption and noise filtering features, are capable of interfacing directly to digital or analog microphones. The four-channel TLV320AIC34, and stereo TLV320AIC33 and TLV320AIC3106 can accept either a digital bit stream from a digital microphone or differential or single-ended inputs from a traditional analog microphone.

The devices support the trend toward the use of digital microphones, enabling less susceptibility to electrical noise and greater flexibility in codec placement on the circuit board relative to the microphone. Other key features of the codecs include integrated PLLs; low-power headphone, speaker, and playback modes; and programmable digital effects including 3D sound, bass, treble, and de-emphasis.

Key specifications include support of sampling rates from 8 to 96 kHz, an SNR of 102 dB and 92 dB for digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversion, respectively, and a power consumption of 14 mW (TLV320AIC33) and 15 mW (TLV320AIC3106 and TLV320AIC34) for stereo 48-kHz playback with a 3.3-V analog supply. The TLV320AIC34 is available in a 6 x 6-mm BGA package and the TLV320AIC33 and TLV320AIC3106 are available in 5 x 5-mm BGAs and 7 x 7-mm QFN packages.

Availability and Pricing: The TLV320AIC33 and TLV320AIC3106 are available now and the TLV320AIC34 is sampling now. Pricing in quantities of 1,000 is $6.00 for the TLV320AIC34, $3.95 for the TLV320AIC33 and $3.85 for the TLV320AIC3106.

Texas Instruments , 800-477-8924,

Product literature:
TLV320AIC33/3106/34 Product Bulletin (PDF)
TLV320AIC33 data page
TLV320AIC3106 data page
TLV320AIC34 data page
App Note: Using the Digital Microphone Function on TLV320AIC33 (PDF)
TI design resources page for interfacing high-performance, low-power audio codecs and digital microphones

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