Low power audio hub solution targets portable digital audio applications

Wolfson Microelectronics plc has introduced an ultra low power stereo audio hub, the WM8962, which is designed to deliver crystal clear audio to portable digital applications, such as e-Book readers, tablets, multimedia mobile phones, games consoles and digital still cameras and camcorders.

Highly flexible analogue mixing options, multiple onboard clock generators, high performance ADCs and DACs, and support for multiple analogue and digital microphones enable the WM8962 to support a vast range of use cases in multiple consumer electronics applications.

Its flexible audio enhancement digital signal processor (DSP) features multiple preset algorithms. Virtual Surround Sound widens the stereo speaker audio image, providing a richer, immersive listening experience; HD Bass intelligently enhances low frequencies, boosting the frequencies that small speakers can reproduce, without increasing the lowest frequency signals that small speakers cannot reproduce; while ReTune™ flattens the frequency response of the speaker or microphone path to maximise the performance of the transducer. A configurable DSP also includes functions such as 3D widening for recording, a 5-band parametric equaliser and a dynamic range controller.

Utilising an integrated charge pump and ground referenced output, the innovative WM8962 features a Wolfson Class-W ultra low power headphone driver, designed to optimise efficiency and power consumption while reducing DC ground offsets and minimising pops and clicks.

The WM8962 incorporates a stereo Class-D speaker driver, which provides 1 W per channel into 8 ? loads, or 2 W mono into a 4 ? load, with a 5 V supply. Low leakage, excellent power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) and pop/click suppression mechanisms also allow direct battery connection to the speaker supply.

Barry Paterson, Wolfson's Product Line Director for Micro Hubs, said: “The WM8962 is the latest addition to Wolfson's innovative Micro Hubs portfolio and provides the optimal balance of audio performance, flexibility, package size and cost-competitiveness for high volume and high growth consumer electronics applications worldwide.”

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